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Pro Equip Services

A Skilled Multi-Project Class A Contractor

Skidsteer; Forestry Mulching; Land Clearing

Who We Are

We are an individually owned and operated company that strives to make all land improvements affordable, quality and safe! We hold all current licenses including a Class A Contractors License. We offer a wide array of services. Some of what we offer includes Professional Tree Removal, Excavation, Forestry Mulching and Hauling.

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Professional Services

Licensed Class A Contractor

Rough Grade; Excavation; Debris Removal; Land Clearing

Land/ Lot Enhancements

We offer an abundance of options including but not limited to, Forestry Mulching, Grading and Excavation. As well as general rough grade land clearing and new construction final grading. We are a Licensed, Insured and hold a Certified Land Disturbance License.

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Forestry Mulching; Land Clearing; Land Enhancements

Forestry Mulching

If you're looking to cut in some paths or even just thin out to promote growth in your woods, Forestry mulching is the way to go. There is minimal soil disturbance and completes your project in a fraction of the time. Just give us a call to discuss your project ideas!

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Driveway Installation; Rock; Gravel; Slag; Hauling

Driveway Installation

We have years of experience in driveway installation, we can also fix most issues with driveways. We have the capability to haul multiple types of driveway material. From gravel to slag. Our drivers can also make the most out of every haul to ensure you save money without forfeiting quality.

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Tree Removal; Tree Services; Tree Trimming; Quality Services

Proffessional Tree Services

This company has risen from a long line of Professional Loggers. We have had experience with a variety of trees in almost all situations. At our disposal we have a bucket truck, stump grinder, woodchipper and multiple ways to dispose of debris! We are Licensed and Insured as well as competent!

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Reprocessed material; Red Oak Beams; Rough Cut Lumber

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